Harvest Association
Just Your Prayers…

“No meetings to attend, no fees to pay, just your prayers.”
Harvest is a movement of prayer open to all those who care for Vocations and recognize the need of holy and good leaders for the Church. 
Harvest promotes a great awareness of the Divine call. Members, lay and religious,
pledge to pray for more vocations in the Church and offer to God joys and sufferings for the perseverance of those called to the  priesthood, religious life or lay consecration.
Originally founded in Italy by Saint Hannibal Di Francia, Harvest was approved by Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles in the United States. 


Spiritual Benefits

Members of Harvest will share in the prayer of all members and in the merits of all the apostolic work of the vocations they have obtained through their prayers.

Every month there will be an offering of a Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Mass for all members, living and deceased. A Plenary Indulgence is offered (under the usual conditions) to the members on the following occasions: on the day of the registration to the association, on the feast days of all the Apostles and Evangelists, and at the moment of death.


To join Harvest
or for more information  please contact
Harvest Prayer Association
PO Box 7303.,  Van Nuys, CA 91409
Tel. 818-782-1762 - Fax. 818-782-1794