For Our Soldiers

“No harm will befall you, for God will command his angels to guard you.”                    (Psalm 91:10 – 11)

In gratitude for their gift of freedom and liberty, we will celebrate a Solemn Eucharistic Mass to Honor the Men and Women of the Armed Forces


Our tribute and our prayers for all…    

  • Troops serving at home or abroadto be strengthened in spirit, body, and soul.
  • Those missing in action: to comfort their families and for their safe return home.
  • Veterans: to give them the honor and recognition they truly deserve.
  • Military leaders: to wish them prophetic wisdom and right judgment.
  • Military chaplains: to be dedicated and true "Samaritans” among the troops.
  • All their families and loved ones: to be held in God’s loving and protective hands.
  • Fallen Heroes: to be recognized in grateful appreciation for their ultimate sacrifice for freedom.



Tribute to Our Troops Prayer Cards available upon request
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